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Jerusalem Team



Prof. Marsha Kaitz

Marsha Kaitz, Professor Emeritus at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is cofounder of Mom2Mom and director of the Mom2Mom Jerusalem branch. Her research efforts include evaluating the efficacy of Mom2Mom as a support project for new parents. Marsha is an active participant of the Professional Development Network, Harris Foundation, Chicago, IL, USA that supports the health and well-being of families and children.



Naomi Tessler

Naomi Tessler, BSW, is the director of training and supervision at Mom2Mom. She is a social worker and breast-feeding counselor. Naomi began her career in Mom2Mom as a volunteer and in 2003 joined the staff. Naomi is an active member of Jerusalem’s volunteer committee, and she volunteers in other city projects as well.



Alysa Silberman

Alysa Silberman, MA, is a project coordinator with an MA in Rehabilitative Psychology. She has studied psychotherapy in relation to infertility and is a breast-feeding counselor. Alysa began her career in Mom2mom as a volunteer and in 2019 joined the professional staff.   


Miriam Chirki


Miriam Chriki, MA in Developmental Psychology, is cofounder of Mom2Mom and past coordinator. Today, Miriam serves as an advisor on future plans and strategies of Mom2Mom. Miriam has studied fathering and mothering of newborn infants, and works with families with young children with developmental and behavioral challenges.

Jen photo.jpeg

Jen Fruchter

Administrative Coordinator

Jen Frucher, MBA, is the Administrative and Financial Coordinator of Mom2Mom. She began her career in Mom2Mom as a volunteer and continues to home visit; she joined the staff in 2021 and cofounded the Mom2Mom branch in Efrat, outside of Jerusalem. 


Sheer Singer

Administrative Assistant

Sheer Singer is an administrative assistant in Mom2Mom. She joined the staff in 2019, and in parallel is studying for her BA in Psychology & Social Work at Hebrew University at Jerusalem.


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